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Camaro Disc Brake Caliper Hose Mounting Brackets, 1967-1968
Model: 2032274
Condition: NEW
Correct reproduction. Mounts to caliper bracket. US made. …
$40.99 pr
Camaro Subframe Disc Brake Line Mounting Bracket Set, 1969
Model: 2031212
Condition: NEW
Technically correct US made reproduction. Natural finish. Mounts to subframe on RH and LH sides. …
$73.99 ea
Camaro Rear Caliper Brackets 1998-2002
Model: 3273019
Condition: NEW
$37.99 st
Camaro Front Caliper Brackets 1998-2002
Model: 3240637
Condition: NEW
$56.99 st
Camaro Rear Caliper Brackets 1989-1997
Model: 3222862
Condition: NEW
$56.99 st
Camaro Disc Brake Caliper Mounting Brackets, Single-Piston, Front, 1969
Model: 2032333
Condition: NEW
New high quality nicely plated reproductions. …
$124.99 pr
Camaro Disc Brake Caliper Hose Mounting Brackets, JL8, 1969
Model: 2032083
Condition: NEW
Correct reproduction pair. Mounts to caliper bracket, US made.…
$187.99 pr
Camaro Disc Brake Caliper Reinforcement Brackets, J56, Front, 1969
Model: 2031564
Condition: NEW
Used to strengthen caliper bracket to spindle mounting. Used with Service Package J-56 Heavy Duty front calipers only.…
$125.99 pr
Camaro Disc Brake Caliper Mounting Brackets, JL8 Or J56, Front, 1969
Model: 2031033
Condition: NEW
Drop forged reproductions of original JL-8 & J-56 Service Package Heavy Duty front caliper mounting brackets. Use with original J-56 calipers and JL-8 only.…
$796.99 ea
Camaro Disc Brake Caliper Mounting Brackets, Four-Piston, Front, 1967-1968
Model: 2031032
Condition: NEW
All new reproduction of a hard to find used part, Caliper bracket set with correct gold iridite finish for 67-68 Camaros with 4 piston calipers.…
$237.99 pr
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