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Chrome Screw #8 X 1" #6 Head
Model: 3308225
Condition: NEW
Chrome Screw #8 X 1" #6 Head …
$1.99 ea
Console Door Bumper
Model: 3100765
Condition: NEW
$2.99 ea
Camaro Console Oil Pressure Gauge Oil Line Block Fitting, Small Or Big Block, With Sleeve & Nut, 1967-1972
Model: 2030832
Condition: NEW
Brass block-side fitting assembly for use with all small or big block engines. …
$8.99 st
Camaro Cigarette Lighter Retainer, 1967-1970
Model: 2031169
Condition: NEW
This retainer is a must have if you are trying to attach the cigarette lighter receptacle in your Camaro.The cigarette lighter retainer screws onto the back of the receptacle to tighten the receptacle to the dash or ash tray. Don't forget…
$13.99 ea
Camaro Console Ashtray Lid Pivot
Model: 3463792
Condition: NEW
$4.99 ea
Camaro Console Ashtray Lid Pivots & Retainers Set, 1967
Model: 2032307
Condition: NEW
Attaches Ash tray lid to console. Set of two pins and two retainers. …
$10.99 st
Camaro Console Screw Kit With Correct Torx Head Screw Kit 1982-1992
Model: 3101283
Condition: NEW
Replacement Shift Plate Hardware Manual & Automatic This Camaro replacement shift plate hardware kit has been manufactured to meet or exceed factory specifications and performance. You will find the fit and function will work perfectly…
$20.99 kt
Camaro Console Door Lid Spring, 1968-1969
Model: 2029537
Condition: NEW
Perfect reproduction. Spring attaches to console seat belt clip and door lid arm. …
$5.99 ea
Camaro Console Door Lid Cover, Satin Black, 1982-1992
Model: 2040430
Condition: NEW
Quality Replacement Covers Damaged Or Discolored Console Lid Correct Grain The original center console door is often damaged or discolored. The cover installs easily over your existing lid and features the stock…
$42.99 ea
Camaro Center Console Lid Cover, 1979-1981
Model: 2040429
Condition: NEW
Quality Replacement …
Camaro Console Shifter Plate Woodgrain Insert, Manual Transmission, 1970-1971
Model: 2038780
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Of Original Die Cut This Camaro reproduction console shifter plate woodgrain insert has been manufactured to original factory specifications using today's modern manufacturing techniques. You will find the fit; finish and…
$24.99 ea
Camaro Console Lid, Black, Padded, 1982-1992
Model: 2038646
Condition: NEW
Replacement Console Lid Just Remove The Old Console Lid And Bolt This In Place Made In The USA Black Vinyl With New Foam This Camaro replacement padded console lid has been manufactured to meet or exceed factory specifications and…
$112.99 ea
Camaro Console Shifter Plate, Automatic Transmission, 1973-1978
Model: 2038287
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Of Original Shifter Plate Is Black Featuring The Correct Countersunk Mounting Locations For Screws Shift Pattern Is Located In The Instrument Carrier Assembly On The Dash Screws Sold Separately …
$114.99 ea
Camaro Cigarette Lighter Retainer, 1999-2002
Model: 2037743
Condition: NEW
Stock Replacement…
$10.99 ea
Camaro Console Door Hinge Pin, 1993-1996
Model: 2037637
Condition: NEW
Stock Replacement…
$16.99 ea
OER 1973-81 Camaro, 1970-81 Firebird Inner Console Glove Box Assembly 478562
Model: 2035175
Condition: NEW
Reproduction of the original console glove box that fits directly into console area and provides space for storage. Includes the plastic top lid portion for easy mounting of original or reproduction padded console lid. After many years…
$55.99 ea
Camaro Console Rear Courtesy Light Lens Screw Set, 1967
Model: 2032401
Condition: NEW
Correct screws mount rear console lens to console housing. Black oxide finish.…
OER 1968 Camaro / 1968-74 Nova 4-Speed manual transmission Console Shift Plate Slider 3929984
Model: 2029604
Condition: NEW
Exact duplicate of the original shift plate slider which is precision die-cut from black polypropylene as original. The die-cut slider features a precision cut hole for the shifter opening. Officially Licensed GM Restoration Part® …
$13.99 ea
Camaro Console Shifter Plate Rosewood Woodgrain Insert, Automatic Transmission, 1969
Model: 2029595
Condition: NEW
Rosewood woodgrain. Self adhesive, peel backing and apply. …
$10.99 ea
Camaro Console Shift Tunnel, Manual Transmission, 1969
Model: 2029560
Condition: NEW
Accurate Reproduction Gloss Black As Original Attaches To Bottom Of Shift Plate Fits All Original Round-Bar Hurst Shifters 3-Speed Or 4-Speed The Camaro shifter tunnel in your 1969 Camaro will experience wear and tear over the years. Years…
$34.99 ea
Camaro Console Forward Panel Plate Insert, Rosewood, 1969
Model: 2029556
Condition: NEW
Show Quality Reproduction With  Rosewood Woodgrain Insert To Match Original Rosewood Also Known As Cherrywood Die Cut With Heavy Adhesive-Backed  Vinyl Simple Installation Fits 1969 1st Gen Camaros …
$10.99 ea
Camaro Console Forward Panel Plate Insert, Walnut Woodgrain, 1968
Model: 2029555
Condition: NEW
Show Quality Reproduction With Walnut Woodgrain Insert To Match Original Die Cut With Heavy Adhesive-Backed Vinyl Simple Installation Fits 1968 1st Gen Camaros The console assembly on your 1968 First Generation Camaro can get worn down…
$9.99 ea
Camaro Console Rear Courtesy Light Lens, 1967
Model: 2029521
Condition: NEW
Correct opacity and color rear console lens with correct black trim.…
$14.99 ea
Camaro Console Shifter Lever Slider Plate, Black, Manual Transmission, 1967
Model: 2029374
Condition: NEW
Slider plastic plate fits beneath console shift plate around shifter handle to keep objects from falling inside the console area. Works with rubber seal (CP-120).…
$13.99 ea
Camaro Console Oil Pressure Gauge Oil Line, Small Or Big Block, 1967-1972
Model: 2029235
Condition: NEW
Best Quality Reproduction Console Gauge Oil Line Correct Black Line Unlike Other White Reproductions Sold Elsewhere Includes Brass Nuts & Ferrules Firewall Grommet Available Separately This Camaro reproduction oil pressure gauge oil…
$18.99 ea
Camaro Stainless Chrome Cup Holder Cover, DefenderWorx, 2010-2014
Model: 3065112
Condition: NEW
Stainless Steel Construction Chrome Finish GM Licensed Part 4-Year Manufacturer Limited Warranty Made In USA A Camaro stainless chrome cup holder cover will go great lengths in upgrading the factory look of your 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, or…
$144.99 ea
OER 1973-81 Camaro, 1970-81 Firebird Console Button Return Spring 478568
Model: 3448494
Condition: NEW
Reproduction of the original heated treated metal spring that allows the console door button to spring back after being pushed to open. This spring is designed for use on 1973-81 Camaros and 1970-81 Pontiac Firebird models. …
$6.99 ea
OER Rochester Cigarette Lighter Heating Element 7026520
Model: 3444518
Condition: NEW
Correct replacement cigarette lighter heating element for use on all 1967-79 Rochester design lighters. Remove the old element and replace it with this OEM style replica and get your lighter working again. Will insert into any original…
$17.99 ea
Camaro Dash Shifter Indicator Assembly, NOS 1970-1978
Model: 3311285
Condition: NOS
Nice complete center dash shifter indicator assembly for your Camaro.  Exact fit for all 70-78 automatic transmission models.  This is the unit that installs at the center of your dash and tells you what gear your transmission is…
$380.99 kt
Camaro Cigarette Ligher Knob, Rochester Style, 1970-1978
Model: 3162735
Condition: NEW
Restoration Correct Knob Only Correct Flame Logo For Rochester Style Lighter Only 1970-1978 Camaro is a great platform for a restoration project, as these cars are taking off in value and will a great addition to your car collection…
$11.99 ea
Camaro Rochester Cigarette Lighter with Brushed Stainless Steel Accent, 1978-1981
Model: 3118261
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Of Original For Use With Rochester Housing Only …
$77.99 ea
OER Glove Box Door Arm Bumper 3820023
Model: 3065351
Condition: NEW
OER® reproduction glove box door arm rubber bumper. This bumper was installed on the glove box door arm on various GM models. Manufactured from rubber as original, this stopper prevents rattling of the glove box door. One required per…
$8.99 ea
Camaro Center Console Shifter Position Indicator Lens, Automatic Transmission,TH350, TH400, Turbo Hydra-Matic, 1973-1981
Model: 2040726
Condition: NEW
Correct Green Lettering Thick Plastic Construction Peel & Stick Backing Works For TH-350 & TH-400 Fits 1973-1981 2nd Gen Camaros The factory shift dash indicator in your 1973-1981 Second Generation Camaro's dash can often break after…
$18.99 ea
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