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United Pacific Clutch Pedal Pad For 1967-75 Chevy Camaro CM003
Model: 2036030
Condition: NEW
Product Overview For use with all manual transmission from 1967-75 and also used as brake pedal pad for drum brakes. …
Gas Pedal Pad, 1968-1981
Model: 3026235
Condition: NEW
Best Quality Reproduction Gas Pedal Black Molded Plastic As Original Correct Length And Width Pad  …
Camaro Gas Pedal Spring, 1967-1981
Model: 1008496
Condition: NEW
Best Quality Reproduction Camaro Gas Pedal Spring Accurate Reproduction Of Original GM Part Keeps The Pedal Angled Correctly In the past, installation of the Camaro gas pedal spring has been a real pain in the fingers! The replacement GM…
OER 1967-81 Brake/Clutch Pedal Pad K981
Model: 3447356
Condition: NEW
This is a correct reproduction brake pad for a variety of GM models equipped with manual transmissions and drum brakes. This pedal pad can be used for either the brake or clutch pedal on some models as appropriate. Officially Licensed…
Camaro Pedal Pad Kit, Gas, Brake, Parking Brake & Clutch, For Cars With Manual Transmission & Disc Brakes, 1972-1981
Model: 2038265
Condition: NEW
Good Quality Reproduction Pedal Pad Kit For Camaro Includes Pedal Pads For: Gas, Brake, Clutch & Parking Brake Plastic Gas Pedal As Original Injection Molded Brake, Clutch & Park Brake Pad Clutch Pedal Pad Is For The Smaller 2…
Classic Headquarters Automatic Brake Pad W-236
Model: 2029125
Condition: NEW
High quality rubber pad for auto transmission brake pedal. GM Group # 4.630 GM Part # 3888682…
Classic Headquarters Clutch Bar Seat and Clip Set W-686A
Model: 2035245
Condition: NEW
Used with all GM or reproduction clutch bellcranks. Three nylon pivot ball seats (only two required) and spring steel retainer clip. For small or big block bellcranks. GM Part #: Seat 3743349, Clip 3750696…
Camaro Parking Brake Release Handle, Correct, 1967-1974
Model: 2031861
Condition: NEW
Officially Licensed Reproduction Black Plastic Embossed White Lettering Easy Installation The park brake handle in your Camaro is probably a chalky looking mess if you have not replaced it yet. Just unscrew your original (or what's left of…
Classic Headquarters Clutch or Brake Pad Stainless Trim, Each W-192
Model: 2029129
Condition: NEW
Correct manual transmission clutch or brake pedal pad stainless polished trim. GM Group #: 4.630 GM Part # 3923615. Trim will fit all applications although may not be original for the application. Nice addition to brighten up those plain…
Classic Headquarters Gas Pedal Rod Pin W-571
Model: 2029122
Condition: NEW
High grade steel with black oxide finish. Accurate replacement for GM. GM Part # : 368078, 3921677…
Gas Pedal Pad Trim, 1967-1981
Model: 3026239
Condition: NEW
Best Quality Reproduction Gas Pedal Trim Highly Polished Stainless Steel  Correct Length And Width Pad …
Camaro Parking Brake Release Handle, Replacement, 1967-1974
Model: 2029893
Condition: NEW
Replacement Handle Good Functional Replacement …
Classic Headquarters Automatic Brake Pad, with Disc Brakes Emblem W-163
Model: 2029127
Condition: NEW
Nice reproduction with "Disc Brakes" embossed correctly on stainless center disc insert. Shipped with protective film cover (not shown) over center insert. High quality rubber compound unlike others offered elsewhere. GM Group # 4.630 GM…
Camaro Parking Brake Pedal Pad, 1969-1981
Model: 2029131
Condition: NEW
Your Camaro is missing its emergency parking brake pad or your original is so frayed and worn that you can?t see the details. Now? This little pad is made to original GM specifications using modern manufacturing techniques with the highest…
Camaro Parking And Emergency Brake Release Handle, Chrome, 1967-1981
Model: 3057229
Condition: NEW
Cool Custom Upgrade! Injection Molded Plastic Bright Chrome Plating Correct Font With Lettering Also In Chrome For A Custom Touch Screws On To Existing Pull Rod On The Parking Brake Mechanism 1967-1981 Camaro park brake and emergency brake…
Camaro Brake Pedal Pad, For Cars With Front Disc Brakes & Manual Transmission, 1967-1981
Model: 2029126
Condition: NEW
Brake pedal pads take all of the abuse you can dish out. However, when it is all said and done, the pads are worn, cracked and usually very dirty. Do not risk your foot slipping off of the brake pedal. …
Classic Headquarters Pedal Shaft Retaining Clip Only, A/T or M/T W-597A
Model: 1007633
Condition: NEW
Retaining clip for clutch pedal on manual transmision cars and 5/8" pin on automatic transmision cars. One required per car. Clip is included on cluch and brake pedal assembly (W-597, W-598 & W-839). Group 0.837 & 4.634 GM Part #…
Camaro Brake Pedal Return Spring, Non-Power, 1967-1969
Model: 2033445
Condition: NEW
Correct spring for manual brake cars for proper brake pedal return For use with PT-98 spring extension. …
OER 1964-81 Reproduction Park Brake Release Handle 3893179
Model: 3443450
Condition: NEW
OER® reproduction of the parking brake release handle that features the correct configuration, lettering and grain. Unlike the current GM service replacement part sold elsewhere, this reproduction handle is an exact duplicate of the…
Camaro Parking Brake Pedal Pad, 1967-1968
Model: 2029130
Condition: NEW
Best Quality Reproduction Park Brake Pad High Durometer Black Rubber Same Size & PARK Font As Original Your Camaro is missing its emergency parking brake pad or your original is so frayed and worn that you can?t see the details. Now?…
Camaro Gas Pedal Pad, 1982-1992
Model: 3064170
Condition: NEW
New Reproductions Of Original Correct Stamped GM Part Number GM #14062683 Correct Honeycomb Pattern Camaro accelerator pedals are a principal part to have lying around your garage. Whether you are a restoration enthusiast or just an…
El Camino Gas Pedal Trim, Stainless Steel, 1968-1972
Model: 2036757
Condition: NEW
Best Quality Reproduction El Camino Gas Pedal Highly Polished Stainless Steel Correct Length And Width Also Fits GMC Sprint The gas pedal pad and trim in your Chevy El Camino or GMC Sprint takes a real beating. Come on now...you can't lie…
Classic Headquarters Clutch Pedal Push Rod Bushing W-328A
Model: 3070083
Condition: NEW
Accurate reproduction injection molded plastic clutch pedal bushing. GM Group #:0.854 GM Part #: 406172…
Classic Headquarters Clutch Pedal Pad W-204
Model: 2038576
Condition: NEW
OE quality rubber pad for manual transmission clutch pedal . GM Group #: 4.630 GM Part #332515 (Note: 1972 Had both large 3" and small 2" clutch pedals, check pedal size)…
OER Park Brake Pedal Pad Trim Plate 3954594
Model: 2036012
Condition: NEW
Correct OER® reproduction of the original park brake trim plate installed in all 1969-81 Camaro models with deluxe interior. This plate installs on all 1969 through 1981 models. Officially Licensed GM Resto ration Part® …
Classic Headquarters Brake and Clutch Pedal Assembly W-598
Model: 2031530
Condition: NEW
Faithfull reproduction pedal set with 4 shaft bushings and retaining clip. Quality materials and workmanship. GM Part #: Brake 3953287, Clutch 3965689, 6258554…
OER 1972-81 GM Pedal Pad Kit, Manual Trans, 4 Piece Kit, Various Models *R5009A
Model: 3442022
Condition: NEW
Reproduction of the original pedal pads designed for use on 1976-81 Camaro and Firebird models. This pedal pad set is designed to replace the worn out original pads for models with disc brakes and manual transmissions. Replacing the…
Classic Headquarters Manual Transmission Pedal Pad and Trim Kit W-843
Model: 3929595
Condition: NEW
Pedal pad and trim kit includes all our same high quality pedal pads and matching polished stainless trim available individually. Pedal pad and trim kit fit all applications (although trim may not be original for the application). Nice…
OER 1967-81 Accelerator Pedal Trim Plate K912
Model: 3084751
Condition: NEW
This is an OER® reproduction of the accelerator trim plate for use on various GM models. This plate was part of an interior option package. Manufactured using high quality polished stainless steel giving your interior a custom…
Classic Headquarters "F" & "X" Body Automatic Brake Pedal Assembly W-831
Model: 2031144
Condition: NEW
Accurate reproduction automatic brake pedal assembly for all 67-69 Camaro. Quality heat treated material (Pin and bushings not included). Black EDP coated.…
OER 1967-82 GM Brake Pedal Pad With Automatic Transmission / Drum Brakes K982
Model: 3447357
Condition: NEW
This is a correct replacement brake pedal pad for use with all 1967-82 GM models with an automatic transmission and drum brakes. Officially Licensed GM Restoration Part® Applications : 1967-81 Camaro 1968-77 Nova 1967-68 Firebird…
Classic Headquarters Auto Brake Pedal Trim W-133
Model: 3056879
Condition: NEW
Correct auto brake pedal pad stainless polished trim. GM Group #: 4.630 GM Part #: 3888683 Trim will fit all applications although may not be original for the application. Nice addition to brighten up those plain black pedals. .…
Classic Headquarters Clutch Pedal Trim W-752
Model: 2035965
Condition: NEW
FIRST TIME AVAILABLE! Die cut and formed polished stainless as original. Trim will fit all applications although may not be original for the application. Nice addition to brighten up those plain black pedals. . (1972 Had both large and…
OER 1967-68 Camaro / Firebird Park Brake Assembly K1106
Model: 2033049
Condition: NEW
Quality reproduction of a commonly broken or outright missing part from many 1967-68 Camaro models. This is a complete assembly with pedal arm, return spring, release lever and handle. Fully functional and ready to install into your…
Firebird Gas Pedal Spring, 1967-1981
Model: 3082674
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Of Original …
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