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Classic Headquarters Manual Shift Boot Retainer, with Console W-256
Model: 2030698
Condition: NEW
Heavy gauge steel stamping shifter boot retainer . Accurate reproduction. Plated .…
Hurst Back-Up Light Switch 2480003
Model: 2031844
Condition: NEW
This switch is designed to be used in conjunction with the OEM back-up lights and the Competition Plus 4-speed, Super Shifter 3 and the Master Shift 3-speed shifters. Features: Complete With Hardware Easy Installation Sold…
Classic Headquarters Camaro Floor Console Mounting Kit W-519
Model: 3184381
Condition: NEW
Correct 5/16"-18 rivet nuts with generic bolts and washers for console installation. These nuts can also be used to mount automatic floor shifters.…
$11.99 ea $10.75
Hurst Equipped Emblem 1361000
Model: 2033677
Condition: NEW
Based on original Hurst blueprints, this HURST EQUIPPED emblem is an authentic reproduction of the one used on the late 60's muscle cars equipped with a factory Hurst shifter. Made of durable ABS plastic with 3M adhesive tape for mounting…
$37.99 ea $35.38
Camaro Floor Shifter Cable Retaining Clips, Automatic Transmission, Powerglide, Turbo Hydra-Matic 350 (TH350) Or Turbo Hydra-Matic 400 (TH400), 1968-1969
Model: 2031534
Condition: NEW
Small pin stud cap style clips hold 68-69 auto shift cable to shifter and trans selector lever pin studs. …
Hurst Gear Shift Lever Stick 5387236
Model: 3313814
Condition: NEW
Hurst bolt-on shifter sticks are ideal for use in custom applications where a particular height or offset is required. These shifter sticks are constructed from high strength steel and are stamped with the Hurst name and has 3/8 - 16…
Classic Headquarters Camaro / Nova Th-400 Crossmember OE Gauge W-954
Model: 2032159
Condition: NEW
Correct for 67-69 Camaro with TH-400 and Big Block. Not a generic, lightweight aftermarket part. Accurate stamping shape and design from heavy OE gauge steel tubing as original. 20% THICKER steel than current market imports. Crisp stamp…
$179.99 ea $172.58
Camaro Shifter Conversion Kit, Automatic Transmission, For Powerglide To TH200R4/700R4 Automatic Transmission, 1979-1981
Model: 2035978
Condition: NEW
Everything Necessary To Complete An Overdrive Conversion To A Factory Shifter With Center Console New Laser Cut Detent With An Overlap Stop Factory Style Shift Indicator Lens With Correct Overdrive Positions All Hardware & Brackets…
$165.99 kt $138.68
Camaro Shifter Conversion Kit, Automatic Transmission To Overdrive TH200/700/4L60 Automatic Transmission, 1973-1978
Model: 2035977
Condition: NEW
Everything Necessary To Complete An Overdrive Conversion To A Factory Shifter With Center Console New Laser Cut Detent With An Overlap Stop Factory Style Shift Indicator Lens With Correct Overdrive Positions All Hardware And Brackets…
79-81 Console Shifter Trim
Model: 3443238
Condition: NEW
Hurst Super Shifter 3 Boot & Plate Shifter Boot 1140010
Model: 3279923
Condition: NEW
Specially designed for use with Super Shifter 3 utilizing separate reverse lock out lever. Complete with chrome trim plate and mounting hardware. Features: For Super Shifter 3 Chrome Trim Plate Mounting Hardware For Use…
$105.99 ea $97.34
OER 1979-81 Camaro Console Shift Plate - Auto Trans - Standard Interior 14015852
Model: 3265720
Condition: NEW
This is an OER® reproduction of the original shift plate for use on all Camaro sport coupe models with standard interiors. This shift plate includes the automatic shift pattern (P-R-N-D-S-L) in the correct size font. This shift plate…
Camaro Back-Up Light Switch Linkage Rod, For Cars With Muncie Transmission, 1967-1968
Model: 2030248
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Of Original Includes Attachment Clips …
Classic Headquarters Big Block Lower Lockout Rod #5776 W-912
Model: 2033765
Condition: NEW
Accurate reproduction (in steel) of original forged 69 Big block 4 speed lock out rod for 396/427 with 4 speed. Correct length and offset Interlock lock out rod from frame bellcrank to transmission gear selector lever. Includes correct big…
$41.99 ea $26.83
Firebird Retaining U Clips, Brake Hose, 1967-1969 & Floor Shifter Cable, Automatic Transmission, 1968-1969
Model: 3083848
Condition: NEW
Pair of cable retaining u clips hold cable to transmission cable bracket and to shifter base. …
Camaro Shifter Boot, Upper, 1982-1992
Model: 2037626
Condition: NEW
Best Camaro shift boot on the market! A Camaro 3 or 4-speed floor shift hole in your floor pan needs to be sealed tight against the shifter to keep water, dirt and other elements out. Unsightly cracks, splits and overall disintegration on…
$45.99 ea $32.58
Firebird Shifter Conversion Kit, Powerglide to TH350, 1968-1969
Model: 3123544
Condition: NEW
The Powerglide (2-speed) shifter can be used without modification for the TH350 or TH400 3-speed transmission. Use this cable installation kit to upgrade the Powerglide transmission or to install a factory console shifter in a car…
$99.99 kt $73.41
Firebird Shifter Boot Retainer Plate, Manual Transmission, For Cars With Console, 1967-1968
Model: 3083849
Condition: NEW
This plate mounts the shift boot to the floor to keep the elements out of the passenger compartment of your Firebird. The plate is beveled to allow the shift boot to move slightly in hopes the shift boot will not tear prematurely. …
Camaro Column Shift Automatic Reverse Lockout Rod, Upper, 1967-1969
Model: 3069003
Condition: NEW
High Quality Reproduction Reverse Lockout Rod Correct Length Forged Steel Construction Mounts From Frame Bellcrank To Steering Column Gear Selector Lever Camaro automatic upper lockout rods mount from the frame bellcrank to the steering…
Camaro Transmission Crossmember, Big Block With TH400 Transmission, 1967-1969
Model: 4019471
Condition: NEW
Fits Big Block Engines With TH400 Transmissions Only Black EDP Coated Nice reproduction of the TH400 crossmember for the Camaro. Many have crawled under their Camaro looking to change the transmission to find out their crossmember has been…
Camaro Shift Release Button Spring For Auotmatic Shifter, 1967
Model: 2032454
Condition: NEW
US made reproduction replaces the handle button spring on the 67 automatic shifter.…
$7.99 ea $5.36
Camaro Floor Shifter Handle Pivot Bushings, Automatic Transmission, Powerglide Or Turbo Hydra-Matic 400 (TH400), 1967
Model: 2032453
Condition: NEW
Rod bushing and sleeve for transmission gear selector and shifter assembly lever. Bushings for shifter pivot pin.…
Camaro 4-Speed Shifter Box Mounting Hardware Set, Muncie, 1967-1968
Model: 2032420
Condition: NEW
Mounts shifter box to crossmember bracket and bracket to crossmember. High quality functional hardware set.…
$11.99 kt $7.40
Camaro Floor Shifter Linkage Rod & Swivel, Automatic Transmission, Powerglide, 1967
Model: 2030782
Condition: NEW
New authentic reproduction of original 67 powerglide floor shift linkage. Includes accurate reproduction rod, swivel and hardware.…
$130.99 ea $96.56
Classic Headquarters 4 Speed Lockout Bellcrank Assembly W-913
Model: 2030307
Condition: NEW
Interlock frame bellcrank assembly for for 302, 350 and 396 with 4 speed transmission. Correct stampings and markings. Plated dark gray phosphate. Quality workmanship and materials for an exact, original appearance.…
$99.99 ea $63.87
Classic Headquarters Small Block 4speed Lockout Rod, Lower #5773 W-910
Model: 2030306
Condition: NEW
Accurate reproduction (in steel) of original forged 69 Small block 4 speed lock out rod for 302, 350 with 4 speed. Correct length Interlock lock out rod from frame bellcrank to transmission gear selector lever. Includes correct small block…
$52.99 ea $33.10
OER 1968-72 Camaro, 1964, 68-72 Impala / Full Size Automatic Shift Cable 3956765
Model: 3448148
Condition: NEW
OER® reproduction of the correct shift cable for with automatic transmissions. Manufactured to original specifications including components required to completely replace your original cable. Measures 30" Applications: 1968-72…
$75.99 ea $63.40
Classic Headquarters Upper Lockout Rod, All W-911
Model: 2030305
Condition: NEW
Accurate reproduction (in steel) of original forged 67-69 upper lock out rod used on all 67-69 column shift automatics and all 69 3 and 4 speed manual transmissions. Correct length Interlock lock out rod from frame bellcrank to steering…
$36.99 ea $23.18
Classic Headquarters Manual Upper Shifter Boot W-761
Model: 2037625
Condition: NEW
Excellent quality rubber reproduction of still available expensive original GM part, For all 70-81 factory manual floor shifters with or without console option. GM Part #: 3973966 …
Classic Headquarters Manual Shifter Boot with Console, 2nd Design R-241
Model: 2032373
Condition: NEW
Excellent quality heavy rubber reproduction. For all 4 speed with console option. GM Group #: 4.015 GM Part #: 3974526 …
Classic Headquarters F Lower Manual Shifter Boot W-762
Model: 2035938
Condition: NEW
Accurate, very heavy weight original thickness molded rubber reproduction of original lower shifter seal.…
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