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Camaro Upper Shifter Boot, 1970-1981
Model: 2037625
Condition: NEW
Original GM Part Spin Molded Black Rubber Manual Transmission, With Or Without Console Great For 5 Speed Conversions Best Camaro shift boot on the market! A Camaro 3 or 4-speed floor shift hole in your floor pan needs to be sealed tight…
$26.99 ea
Camaro Shifter Boot, Manual Transmission, All, For Cars With Console, 1967-1968
Model: 2032373
Condition: NEW
Quality Reproduction Spun Molded Black Rubber Fits All 1967-68 3 Speed or 4 Speed Manual Transmissions With Console Shift Boot Retainer Available As Our Part # CP-59 Best Camaro shift boot on the market! A Camaro 3 or 4-speed floor shift…
$30.99 ea
Camaro Lower Shifter Boot, 1970-1981
Model: 2035938
Condition: NEW
Quality Reproduction Spun Molded Black Rubber As Original The lower shift boot attaches to the manual transmission shifter hump to seal the top of the shifter. This keeps cold air and dust from coming up through the hole in the floor for…
$28.99 ea
Camaro Shifter Boot Retainer Plate, Manual Transmission, For Cars With Console, 1967-1968
Model: 2030698
Condition: NEW
This plate mounts the shift boot to the floor to keep the elements out of the passenger compartment of your Camaro. The plate is beveled to allow the shift boot to move slightly in hopes the shift boot will not tear prematurely. This…
$26.99 ea
Camaro Shifter Hump, Manual, With Or Without Console, 1970-1981
Model: 2038705
Condition: NEW
Quality Reproduction Correct Gauge Metal Stamped Steel With Or Without Console This shift hump patch panel is a must when converting an automatic car to a 4-speed or doing a 5-speed conversion. Without this panel installed in the floor…
$80.99 ea
Camaro Floor Shifter Cable Assembly, THM700R4 & THM4L60 Automatic Transmissions, 1983-1992
Model: 2035958
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Transmission Shift Control Cable For Camaros With Center Console Fits Trans Shift THM700R4 & THM4L60 4-Speed Automatic Overdrive Transmissions With Range Selector 29.31 Overall Length 17.72 Mounting Length Flat Spade End…
$45.99 ea
Camaro Shifter Boot, Manual Transmission, For Cars With Or Without Console, 4-Speed, 1969
Model: 2029611
Condition: NEW
Best Quality Reproduction Shift Boot Spun Molded Correct Black Rubber Fits All 4-Speed Muncie Shifter With Or Without Console Fits all original round-bar Hurst shifters Best Camaro shift boot on the market! A Camaro 4-speed floor shift…
$38.99 ea
Camaro Shifter Handle Upper Seal, Manual Transmission, 4-Speed, For Cars With Console, 1968
Model: 2031842
Condition: NEW
Best Camaro shift boot on the market! A Camaro 3 or 4-speed floor shift hole in your floor pan needs to be sealed tight against the shifter to keep water, dirt and other elements out. Unsightly cracks, splits and overall disintegration on…
$10.99 ea
Camaro Shifter Knob, Manual Transmission, Chrome Ball, 3/8Thread, For Cars With Hurst Shifter, 1969-1981
Model: 2029615
Condition: NEW
High Quality Chrome Plated 9 oz. Weight For Hurst Shifters Correct Recessed Bottom …
$28.99 ea
Muncie Backup Switch Mounting Kit, 1963-1968
Model: 3047361
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Of Original Includes Mounting Bracket, Rod, Lock Washer, Hex Bolts, Shield And Wire Clip Allows Correct Mounting For Back Up Light Switch On Muncie Four Speeds  …
$79.99 ea
OER Shift/Throttle Rod Retainer Clip 3749084
Model: 3089197
Condition: NEW
OER® reproduction of the original clip that is used to retain the upper and lower clutch push rods. Also fits lower throttle valve control rod, accelerator control rod, throttle lever rod swivel retainer. You are assured that every…
$3.99 ea
Camaro Floor Shifter Hole Reinforcement Ring, 1967-1968
Model: 3070327
Condition: NEW
Restoration Correct Heavy Stamped Steel For 1967 Automatic Or 1967-1968 3 And 4 Speed Shift Boot Retainer Correct Fit Floor shifter hole reienforcement hole ring damaged, rusted or are the screw holes striped? Made from quality material…
$28.99 ea
OER Black 4-Speed Shift Knob with 3/8"-16 Thread 3961437A
Model: 2034010
Condition: NEW
Beautiful reproduction of the original style shift knobs used with GM 4 speed transmissions of the 1960s. This black shift knob consist of the upper shift ball and a lower chrome lock nut. Note: May be installed on aftermarket shifters…
$27.99 ea
OER 1968-69 Camaro Automatic Shifter Assembly 3920267
Model: 2032596
Condition: NEW
OER® reproduction automatic shifter assembly for all 1968-69 Camaro models equipped with Turbo-350 or Turbo-400 automatic transmissions. Features chrome plated shifter handle and correct base for an exact replacement. Finest…
$213.99 ea
Camaro Floor Shifter Cable To Transmission Gear Selector Lever, Automatic Transmission, 1968-1969
Model: 2029882
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Of Original Works With TH350 & TH400 Turbo hydramatic Automatics Transmission For Use On All Floor Mounted Factory Shifters This Camaro reproduction floor shifter cable to transmission gear selector lever has been manufactured…
$22.99 ea
OER 1969-86 GM AT Shift Knob Attachment Clip 9797188
Model: 3445093
Condition: NEW
OER® reproduction clip for automatic shift levers. Attaches shift knob to lever on the factory GM automatic transmission console shifter. A necessary part required to install the shift knob. Applications: Buick:1982 Regal 1975 Apollo…
$4.99 ea
Neutral Safety Start Switch Pivot Bracket, Manual Transmission, 1969-1981
Model: 3123393
Condition: NEW
New correct design neutral safety switch pivot for your classic. Mounts to your under dash pedal support bracket. Replace your commonly broken or missing unit today. Correct fit and details.  …
$19.99 ea
OER 1984-86 Camaro Gearshift Knob Button - Auto Trans 14089480
Model: 2037964
Condition: NEW
Reproduction of the original gearshift button designed for use on 1986-86 Camaro models with automatic transmission. This is a correct reproduction from OER® of the button that inserts into the shift knob. Once pressed, the button…
$16.99 ea
Camaro Skip Shift Eliminator, For 6-Speed Transmissions, 1993-2002
Model: 2036004
Condition: NEW
Caps Ends Of Disconnected CAGS Harness Prevents Fouling/Corrosion Enables Re-Hookup Works With All 1993-2002 F-Bodies Decide for yourself what gear you want to be in! Dump that annoying first-to-fourth skip-shift GM incorporates into the…
$37.99 ea
OER 1967-69 Camaro Manual Trans Shift Boot w/o Console 3893853
Model: 2029608
Condition: NEW
Reproduction floor shift boot for use on all 1967-68 Camaro 3 and 4 speed models without center console, and 1969 Camaro 3 speed models without center console. The lower boot is manufactured from rubber in the correct configuration to…
$41.99 ea
General Motors Grommet, Cross Shaft Linkage, 1969-1986
Model: 3313901
Condition: NEW
Fits the Following: TH-350 (TH350) THM-350 (THM350)  TH-400 (TH400) THM-400 (THM400)  TH-350C (TH350C) THM-350C (THM350C) Original GM Product, Part #1377083 …
$4.99 pr
Camaro 4-Speed Reverse Lockout Rod, Lower, With Big Block, Repair Approved, 1969
Model: 2033765
Condition: NEW
Quality Reproduction Attaches Lock Out Bell Crank To Muncie Transmission For Big Block 4-speed Camaro Only Nice reproduction of the reverse lower lock out rod for Big Block 4 Speed Camaro. Every Camaro needs a manual transmission...it's an…
$35.99 ea
Camaro 4-Speed Shifter Rod Retaining Clips, Hurst, 1967-1969
Model: 2032387
Condition: NEW
Technically Correct Reproduction Retaining Clip Set Hurst Style Correct Diameter & Tensile Strength Hold Shifter Rods Firmly To Levers Set Of 3 The shifter rod assembly in your 1967, 1968, or 1969 Camaro has several components to keep it…
$6.99 st
OER Chrome Shift Ball (3/8"-16 SAE Thread) 9793565
Model: 3445071
Condition: NEW
Highly polished triple chrome plated reproduction chrome shift knob from the 1960's. Fits models with a 3 speed or 4 speed transmission. This heavy-weight chrome knob will add style to your interior. Note: May be installed on aftermarket…
$31.99 ea
Camaro Hurst Equipped Emblem, 1967-2011
Model: 2033677
Condition: NEW
Replacement Emblem Die-Cast Construction Unlike Other Inexpensive Plastic Reproductions Hurst Red & Black Painted Inlay Mounts With Three 1/8 Mounting Studs Would Make A Great Edition To Your 4, 5 Or 6 Speed Car Add a touch of…
$39.99 ea
Camaro 4-Speed Shifter Front Strut Rod Transmission Mounting Bracket, Muncie, 1967-1968
Model: 2031090
Condition: NEW
Restoration Correct Correct For Muncie Transmission Installation Installing a new Muncie transmission in your 1967, 1968 Camaro? Now you can row the gears with confidence in knowing you won't hang up between gears. This accurate…
$64.99 ea
Trim Parts 67 Camaro and Firebird, Shift Knob, Each 6724
Model: 2030983
Condition: NEW
Trim Parts strives to provide only the best restoration products on the market. We do hours of research to make sure each and every part we make looks and fits like the original. Do not settle for cheap imitations for your project. When…
$20.99 ea
Camaro Floor Shifter Cable Bracket, On Transmission, For TH400, 1968-1972
Model: 2029884
Condition: NEW
This floor shifter bracket is Silver Cadmium plated and will directly mount to the transmission pan bolts. It can be used with all floor mounted factory automatic shifters with TH-400 transmission. Don't wait to get this technically…
$26.99 ea
Camaro Shifter Handle, With Cover, 1968-1972
Model: 2036001
Condition: NEW
This shifter handle inlcudes the chrome horseshoe handle, the black handle cover with chrome mylar strips. Bolts on place of the old pitted original. …
$85.99 kt
Camaro Turbo Hydra-Matic 200/700R4 (TH200/700R4)TVI/Kickdown Automatic Transmission Detent Cable, 1967-1969
Model: 2034278
Condition: NEW
Replacement Cable Use With 200/700R4 Conversion Kit P/N CM-7 …
$80.99 ea
Camaro Floor Shifter Molded Floor Boot, Automatic Transmission, Turbo Hydra-Matic (TH400), 1967
Model: 2032830
Condition: NEW
For TH-400 shifters will not work on Powerglide The rubber boot that is attached to the bottom of 67 automatic floor shifters. Keep dirt and fumes from getting inside your car. Nice reproduction. …
$35.99 ea
Camaro 4-Speed Shifter Box Mounting Hardware Set, Muncie, 1967-1968
Model: 2032420
Condition: NEW
Mounts shifter box to crossmember bracket and bracket to crossmember. High quality functional hardware set.…
$7.99 kt
Camaro 4-Speed Reverse Lockout Bellcrank, For Cars With Small Or Big Block, 1969
Model: 2030307
Condition: NEW
Interlock frame bellcrank. Correct reproduction for 302, 350 and 396 with 4 speed.…
$85.99 ea
Camaro 4-Speed Reverse Lockout Rod, Lower, With Small Block, Repair Approved, 1969
Model: 2030306
Condition: NEW
Interlock lock out rod from frame bellcrank to transmission gear selector lever. Correct reproduction for 302, 350 with 4 speed.…
$35.99 ea
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