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Camaro Hypertech Power Programmer, Power Max Energy, 2014
Model: 3060328
Condition: NEW
Impressive Horsepower And Torque Gains! 20 Horsepower And 18 Torque with Premium Gas 14 Horsepower And 13 Torque With Regular Gas Disable Active Fuel Managment System Remove 0-80 MPH Electronic Throttle Restriction Speedometer And Odometer…
$770.99 ea
Hypertech, Street Runner, 305 LG4 Manual Transmission| 11021 Camaro 1981
Model: 3251318
Condition: NEW
Increases Horsepower In Early Computer Controlled Cars Controls Engine's Air / Fuel Ratio And Spark Advance For Maximum Power And Performance Potential Gas Mileage Improvements Installed Easily, Using Only Hand Tools The…
$257.99 ea
Shipped from Canada
No Brokerage/Duties
Canadian Owned 2020