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Camaro Distributor Primary Lead Wire, Small And Big Block Engines, 1967-1974
Model: 3059961
Restoration Correct Same Gauge Wire As Original Delco Part Correct Fit and Appearance Fits Small Or Big Block Engines Made In USA One of the most overlooked under hood items it the ignition system. These wires often break or become brittle…
Camaro Distributor Wiring Harness, LT1, OptiSpark, 1995-1997
Model: 2039898
Replacement Harness OptiSpark Harness The wiring going to your distributor is should be checked every few months. Failure of this harness could leave you stranded! NOTE: For V8 Only…
Camaro Distributor Wiring Harness, LT1, OptiSpark, 1993-1994
Model: 2039897
Replacement Harness OptiSpark Harness NOTE: For V8 Only…
Camaro Distributor/Opti-Spark Wiring Harness, 1993-1994
Model: 2038245
High Quality Replacement Harness Replaces Delco Original Opti-Spark Harness Correct Color Wires Correct Ends Nice reproduction of the opti spark harness for your 4th Generation Camaro. The opti-spark harness usually gets baked by the…
Camaro Distributor Vacuum Harness, OptiSpark, 1995-1997
Model: 2037706
Stock Replacement This Vacuum Harness Connects The OptiSpark Distributor To The Intake Elbow & The Intake Manifold…
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