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OER Windshield Washer Jar Cap 3798372
Model: 3443074
Condition: NEW
This reproduction windshield washer jar cap from OER® will fit and function just like original. Features correct "Windshield Washer Fluid Only" wording. Applications: Buick:1973-74 Apollo Chevrolet: 1967-74 Camaro 1976-81 Camaro (models…
OER 1977-81 Windshield Washer Jar 461252
Model: 2036689
Condition: NEW
This is a reproduction windshield washer jar to replace cracked or stained originals. Note:Washer jar cap sold separately. Applications: 1977-78 Camaro with pulse 1979-81 Camaro 1977-81 Firebird (except 78 without pulse …
OER 1982-87 F-Body Windshield Washer Jar 10078368
Model: 2036690
Condition: NEW
Reproduction of the original washer jar designed for use on 1982-87 Camaro and Firebird models. This reproduction is designed to replace the original for fit and functionality. Manufactured with blow formed plastic replicating the OE…
OER Windshield Washer Jar Bracket Kit *K2535
Model: 3441539
Condition: NEW
Is your original washer jar damaged? Is your bracket bent beyond use? Maybe its time to replace them with this OER® reproduction kit. Kit includes: Washer jar Attaching bracket Washer jar cap Applications: 1967-69…
Windshield Washer Bottle Hose Filter, 1962-1983
Model: 3026015
Condition: NEW
Restoration Correct Washer Hose Filter …
OER 1970-84 Windshield Washer Jar 3990892
Model: 2036688
Condition: NEW
OER® reproduction jar which holds the windshield washer fluid. This specially configured washer jar was only originally installed on several GM models. Note:Washer jar cap sold separately. Applications: 1970 Camaro 1971-72 Chevelle…
Camaro Windshield Washer Jar, 1977-1981
Model: 3444952
Condition: NEW
Stock Replacement Made Of Plastic Cap & Bracket Sold Separately No Hole on Bottom …
Camaro Windshield Washer Jar Kit 1971-1974
Model: 3058362
Condition: NEW
Don't allow that dingy, leaking windshield washer jar to tarnish your under hood restoration project. This is a correct kit, with all parts needed to replace that old washer jar. Your 1971, 1972, 1973 and 1974 Camaro will look better than…
Classic Headquarters Washer Jar Bracket Screw Set H-157
Model: 2031727
Condition: NEW
Classic Headquarters Washer Jar Bracket Screw Set H-157…
Firebird Washer Fluid Jar, Windshield, 1978-1981
Model: 3082657
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Of Original …
Firebird Windshield Washer Jar Bracket Mounting Screw & Cap Set, 1968-1969
Model: 3082672
Condition: NEW
Screws to mount RS washer bottle bracket to fender well and rubber caps to cover screw tip protruding into the engine compartment. …
Firebird Washer Fluid Jar, Windshield, 1982-1987
Model: 3082666
Condition: NEW
Stock Replacement …
Firebird Radiator Overflow Jar Cap, 1974-1975 And 1980
Model: 3082669
Condition: NEW
Many of these caps are cracked and discolored, making them an eye sore under your hood.This overflow jar cap is correct in every way. Made from high quality materials, for correct fit and finish. …
Firebird Windshield Washer Jar Cap, 1967-1969
Model: 3082659
Condition: NEW
Replacement …
Firebird Windshield Washer Jar Bracket Mounting Screw Set, 1967-1969
Model: 3082658
Condition: NEW
Screws for mounting washer bottle bracket to RS bracket of radiator support. …
Camaro Windshield Washer Bottle, 1970
Model: 3443915
Condition: NEW
Drake Muscle 2010 Chevrolet Camaro 2010-14 Camaro Washer Reservoir Cap Cover-Billet CA-120006-BL
Model: 2040545
Condition: NEW
$69.99 ea $52.08
Windshield Washer Jar Assembly, 1962-1972
Model: 3052599
Condition: NEW
During a day out behind the wheel of your classic Chevy you may encounter a desperate need to clean your windshield. An easy task to complete with supply of windshield washer fluid, a cracked or broken jar will make the effort of cleaning…
Windshield Washer Jar Kit, 1970-1974
Model: 3026002
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Of Original Includes Cap, Hose & Filter …
OER 1962-72 Windshield Washer Jar 3840083
Model: 1024653
Condition: NEW
OER® reproduction jar which holds the windshield washer fluid. This jar is for use on various GM vehicles. Note:Washer jar cap sold separately. Applications: 1967-69 Camaro 1963-70 Corvette 1962-69 Impala / full size 1964-72…
Windshield Washer Jar Bracket, 1962-1970
Model: 3052601
Condition: NEW
Replacement Bracket …
OER 1977-81 Camaro Windshield Washer Jar Bracket 362527
Model: 3123775
Condition: NEW
Reproduction windshield washer jar mounting bracket for all 1977-81 Camaro models. Manufactured by OER® in stamped steel to factory specifications for an original fit and appearance. This part features a black electrophoretically…
Camaro Windshield Washer Jar Kit, 1970
Model: 2036696
Condition: NEW
Firebird Windshield Washer Jar Kit, 1967-1969
Model: 3082651
Condition: NEW
Good Quality Reproduction Includes Bottle, Cap, Hose and Filter One Required per Car Bracket Available Separately per Application Nice reproduction of a part which is usually broken or severely discolored. The washer jar sits in a bracket…
OER 1975-79 Windshield Washer Jar 4961312
Model: 3089636
Condition: NEW
This OER® reproduction windshield washer jar holds the windshield washer fluid. Note: Washer jar cap sold separately. …
OER 1962-90 GM - Washer Jar Fluid Screen 3986821
Model: 3443891
Condition: NEW
OER® reproduction filter screen to eliminate dirt and other residue which could clog the washer hoses, washer pump or washer nozzles. Replace your screen periodically for best results. Applications Buick 1962 -74 All Models 1982-88…
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