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Chevy Service Manual On CD, 1973
Model: 3116186
Condition: NEW
1973 Chevy, Chevelle, Camaro, Monte Carlo, Nova, Corvette:Chassis, Overhaul, Body Service Manual …
$42.99 ea
DVD Series, Paintucation
Model: 2040314
Condition: NEW
A complete restoration guide for paint and body work. With this 5 disc set, you're on your way to restoring your car back to it's glory, saving time and money along the way. A must have for every restoration project! Even if you don't do…
$323.99 ea
Metal Preparation And Rust Repair DVD
Model: 2040308
Condition: NEW
Finish And Paint Removal ? Chemical Vs. Mechanical Hammer and Dolly Techniques Budget Rust Patch Project Detailed Sealing The Back Side Of A Rust Repair Rust Converters Explained And Demonstrated If you've ever seen you favorite car in a…
$67.99 ea
Body Panel Replacement DVD
Model: 2040307
Condition: NEW
Discusses Important Safety Issues Door Skins, Full And Partial Panel Installation Setting Panel Gaps Welding Tips And Techniques Hammer and Dolly Techniques Bonding Adhesives And Leading Techniques Demonstrated If you're overwhelmed by a…
$67.99 ea
Paint Your Own Car DVD
Model: 2040306
Condition: NEW
Covers A Complete Color Change Paintjob Safety Equipment And Techniques Are Discussed And Demonstrated Dent Repair And Surfacer Techniques How To Avoid Common Costly Mistakes Clear Explanation Of Blocking, Guide Coating, And Sighting…
$67.99 ea
Color Sanding & Buffing DVD
Model: 2040303
Condition: NEW
How To Enhance And Repair Painted Surfaces Colorsanding Surface Defects Sanding, Polishing, And Buffing For A Show-Quality Finish How To Avoid Common Costly Mistakes Not only is this the way to save a finish that may have had to be…
$67.99 ea
Body Shop Basics DVD
Model: 2040299
Condition: NEW
Introduction To Autobody Repair Follows A Simple Dent Repair Start To Finish Clear Explanations On Body Repair Fundamentals Runtime: 90 Minutes If you've ever wondered what happens behind the doors of a body shop, here's a peek inside…
$67.99 ea
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