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Weatherstrip Adhesive, Super, Black, 3M
Model: 2034835
Condition: NEW
Best Available Weatherstrip Adhesive Use to Install Weatherstripping, Trunk & Body Insulation Fast Drying 5 Oz. Tube Oil & Water Resistant Weatherstrip adhesive is a great item to own before embarking on your next classic…
3M General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner
Model: 2034842
Condition: NEW
The easy way to remove old or excess weatherstrip adhesive. …
3M Super Trim Adhesive Spray
Model: 2034837
Condition: NEW
3M Weatherstrip Adhesive, Yellow
Model: 2034834
Condition: NEW
Five Ounce Tube …
3M Interior Trim Adhesive, Fast Tack
Model: 2034836
Condition: NEW
Excellent For Regluing Loose Vinyl Trim 5 Oz. Tube Cannot Be Shipped By Air A light colored, fast dring, non-staining adhesive for attaching trim fabric, upholstery cloth, floor mats and carpeting, kick pads, silencer pads and convertible…
3M Spray Trim Adhesive
Model: 2037816
Condition: NEW
3M General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner Spray
Model: 2037815
Condition: NEW
3M General Purpose Liquid Adhesive Cleaner
Model: 2034841
Condition: NEW
Excellent For Cleaning Old Adhesive, Wax & Grease From Painted Surfaces Use On A Shop Type Towel For Localized Cleaning 32 Ounce Can…
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