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Stainless Steel Trim Anvil Tool
Model: 2040061
Condition: NEW
This Small Steel Anvil With Stand Has Many Flats And Shapes To Make Straightening Your Trim A Breeze 5-1/4 Long For Best Results Use With Trim Hammer P/N 49-192…
$38.99 ea
Camaro Windshield Wiper & Headlight Retaining Nut Installation Tool, 1967-1968
Model: 2031862
Condition: NEW
Handy inexpensive tool allows easy removal and installation of nuts without damaging finish. …
$20.99 ea
Rear Glass Removing Tool, Stainless Steel
Model: 2034634
Condition: NEW
Removes Stainless Moldings …
$13.99 ea
Stainless Steel Trim Hammer Tool
Model: 2040079
Condition: NEW
The Ideal Size And Shape For Removing Dents From Stainless Steel Trim Features A Flat Head For Wide Trim And A Narrow Head For Tight Corners Head Of Hammer Is 4 Long For Best Results, Use With Our Anvil P/N 49-193…
$42.99 ea
3/8 Spotweld Drill Bit Tool
Model: 2040031
Condition: NEW
Completely Drills Out Spot Welds For Easy Panel Removal Does Not Cut Into The Bottom Skin Solid One-Piece Cutter Machined From M2 Tool Steel Self-Centering Point Prevents Drill Walking Extremely Durable - Shop Tested At Over 300 Cuts…
$59.99 ea
Paint & Rust Removal Disc Tool
Model: 2040069
Condition: NEW
4-1/2 Disc With 7/8 Center Arbor Hole Open Mesh Silicone Carbide Disc Resists Clogging Quickly Removes Paint And Rust Without Damaging Good Steel Max 6500 RPM…
$17.99 ea
Repousse Body Hammer Tool
Model: 2040066
Condition: NEW
11/16 Ball Peen And 1 Flat Faces 2-1/2 Head Length Unique Handle Design Provides Ideal Balance And Comfort 9-3/4 Handle Length Ideal For Body Work…
$51.99 ea
No-Weld Patch Panel Installer Kit Tool
Model: 2040065
Condition: NEW
Allows Installation Of Steel Patch Panels Without A Welder Includes Both Dimpling And Flanging Pliers, Compression Pliers, 3 Side Grip Holders And 20 Blind Holders Also Includes Panel Adhesive And Mixing Nozzles, Caulking Gun Adapter And…
$180.99 kt
Fender Finisher Lip Tool
Model: 2040064
Condition: NEW
The Safe Easy Way To Alter Quarter And Fender Openings For Wider Tires No Welding Or Painting Required Includes Instructions…
7-Piece Body Hammer And Dolly Tools Set
Model: 2040063
Condition: NEW
Includes 3 Hammers With Fiberglass Handles Also Includes 4 Dollies Of Various Shapes And Sizes Each Hammer And Dolly Have Polished And Hardened Surfaces For Precision Metal Shaping Includes Carrying Case…
$128.99 st
Clecos Panel Holder Set
Model: 2040048
Condition: NEW
Firmly Holds And Positions Panels For Welding Includes 10 Blind Holders, 2 Side Grip Holders And Compression Pliers Completely Reusable Requires Drilling Of 1/8 Holes For Each Cleco Excellent For Installing Heavy Quarter Panels And Other…
$84.99 st
Metal Shear Tool
Model: 2040044
Condition: NEW
Throatless Tool Allows Long Cuts Across Large Panels Makes Quick, Clean Cuts - Straight Or Intricately Curved Rack And Pinion Gearing Improves Your Leverage Tool Steel Blades Slice Thru Up To 14-ga. Mild Steel Made From Rugged Cast Iron…
$474.99 ea
Panel Clamps Tool Set
Model: 2040040
Condition: NEW
Provides Perfect Panel Alignment For Precise Butt Welds Use For All Types Of Sheet Metal Body Repairs Provides A Lifetime Of Use Set Of 4…
$46.99 st
Rivet Tool Set, Small
Model: 2034947
Condition: NEW
A Must For Authentic Restorations Factory Like Results With A Tool You Can Use At Home For Use On Items Like Vent Doors & Heater Plenums Rivets not included with tool …
$50.99 ea $40.06
Chevy Tool, Convertible Top Boot Snap Rivet Anvil
Model: 2034946
Condition: NEW
Allows For Easy Installation Of Convertible Top Boot Snaps Into Boot Stainless Complete Instructions Included…
$23.99 ea
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