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OER® was established in the early 1980's to manufacture original equipment reproductions where every part is meticulously reproduced to exact factory specifications. All OER® parts are reverse engineered or manufactured using original blueprints when available to ensure the closest possible reproduction available on the market. When available, original factory tooling is utilized to insure complete originality. Our mission is to supply the highest quality parts available for the enthusiast and serious restorer. Whether you're a serious restorer, or just someone who wants a replacement part for your classic vehicle, OER® is the source for the finest quality parts on the market. Today, OER® is the most recognized brand in automotive restoration parts. Choose OER® for all your restoration needs.

Many OER® products are officially licensed by General Motors and the Chrysler Group ensuring the quality and authenticity of these products. The GM Restoration Parts logo and the MOPAR Authentic Restoration Product logo are the true signs of quality. OER® is licensed by GM and the Chrysler Group as an official restoration parts manufacturer.

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OER 1955-81 GM Window Crank Handle Spring - Each 4078002
Model: 3443974
Condition: NEW
This spring mounts between the window regulator and door panel and keeps tension on the panel where the crank mounts. Designed and manufactured to factory specifications for authenticity. Sold individually. We recommend replacing these…
OER 1970-81 Camaro Rubber Stopper Kit *K88066
Model: 2038716
Condition: NEW
The stoppers will help keep your panels in the correct alignment positions. The kit includes all of the correct rubber stoppers needed for the doors, hood, trunk lid, console, and glove box. OER® recommends replacing all of the rubber…
OER 1958-81 GM Door Panel Plugs Clips 24 Pc Set K6581
Model: 3446740
Condition: NEW
Reproduction interior door panel and rear side panel mounting clip and plug set for 1967-81 GM models.Each plug is injection molded and fits into the door panel assembly as original. 24 piece set includes 12 clips and 12 plugs. …
OER Sun Visor Bushing/Tip Kit K624
Model: 3054565
Condition: NEW
Tired of sunvisors that won't stay put because the nylon tip is gone? Replace your old sunvisor tips and bushings with these high quality original style replacements which include two rubber sunvisor tips and two plastic sleeves. Yo ur…
OER 1967-81 Lower Fan Shroud Mounting Clip K10100
Model: 3446317
Condition: NEW
When installing a fan shroud it will be necessary to use mounting clips on the lower portion of the shroud. This clip is installed on the bottom ends of the shroud. Provisions are molded into the shroud allowing attachment of the shroud…
$2.99 ea $1.45
OER 1967-69 Camaro / Firebird Front Spoiler Hardware Set K557
Model: 2031913
Condition: NEW
Reproduction of the original front spoiler installation hardware designed for use on 1967-69 Camaro and Firebird models. This complete set of hardware will install the front spoiler onto the front lower valance panel. Does not include…
OER 1967-68 Camaro / Firebird Astro Ventilation Vent Kit with Chrome Bezels *R566
Model: 2032235
Condition: NEW
OER® quality reproduction of the original Astro Ventilation parts. Kit includes: Left hand (driver side) chrome vent bezel Right hand (passenger side) chrome vent bezel 2 chrome vent balls 2 Dash bezel vent retainers 1…
OER 1970-81 Camaro / Firebird Roofrail Weatherstrip Blow Out Clips 9632840
Model: 2038584
Condition: NEW
These rubber dipped spring steel clips are used to properly retain your roof rail weatherstrips to the roof rail strip. This part is manufactured from die formed steel and features a rubberized coating as original. Each clip is designed…
$29.99 pr $22.17
OER 1970-79 Camaro / Firebird Inner Door Panel Retainer Plate with Felt - Center and Rear K760
Model: 2037494
Condition: NEW
Reproduction of the original door panel retainer plate designed for use on 1972-79 Camaros and 1970-79 Firebirds. These retainer are designed to support the door panels when replacing or installing new panels. This door center and rear…
OER 1967-85 GM, 1967-81 Camaro, Firebird, Molding Clip Set, Front or Rear Window, Steel, Set of 24 C78
Model: 4018420
Condition: NEW
1967-85 GM, 1967-81 Camaro, Firebird; Molding Clip Set; Front or Rear Window; Steel; Set of 24 Replacement windshield and rear window molding steel clips to fit a wide variety of applications on various GM makes and models. Each clip…
$15.99 ea $10.26
OER 1959-82 Steering Coupler - For 3/4" Shaft - 36 Spline - 3-5/32" Diameter 7806391
Model: 3100753
Condition: NEW
OER® Authorized reproduction of the original steering coupling joint for various models. This coupler (rag joint) is required to connect the steering column to the steering box. Coupler specifications: Shaft size: 3/4" fine…
OER 1970-81 Camaro Battery Tray K318
Model: 3446465
Condition: NEW
Possibly one of the most overlooked items of your engine compartment. This item mounts the key to your engines ability to run, the battery! After just a few short years, the battery tray in your prized possession can become corroded…
OER 1973-77 Camaro Radiator Overflow Jar 463153
Model: 2041075
Condition: NEW
OER® reproduction of the radiator overflow jar for all 1973-77 Camaro models. Manufactured in clear/white plastic and features fluid level and part number markings as original. Includes mounting clips and screws for installation. Can…
OER 1962-02 GM & Mopar - Saginaw Power Steering Pump Stud And Bolt Kit - Painted Bolts 1253573
Model: 3311417
Condition: NEW
This is the stud and bolt kit for Saginaw power steering pumps. Includes (2) studs (3/8"-16 thread), (1) bolt 3/8"-16 thread). Fits most Saginaw pumps through 1977 including Saginaw P series. This set is unplated for use with painted…
$12.99 st $9.32
OER 1973-81 Coat Hanger Hook 1673506
Model: 2035188
Condition: NEW
OER® reproduction of the original "coat hanger hook" designed for use in rear inner section of the interior. This faithful reproduction is injection molded using premium quality ABS material to replicate the original size, shape and…
OER 1970-73 Camaro "Z28" Rear Spoiler Emblem 3981889
Model: 2039466
Condition: NEW
This reproduction emblem can be installed on all 1970-73 Camaro Z28 models with one piece low-style or 3 piece high style rear spoilers. This emblem installs directly into the center of the rear spoiler and includes mounting…
OER 1970-81 Camaro Outer Door Skin, LH C20162363
Model: 2036876
Condition: NEW
Replace your outer door sheet metal with the finest quality reproduction panel available! You'll get a perfect fit! Each panel is painted in a satin black finish and is ready to prime and paint to your desired color.   Note…
OER 1967-69 Camaro/Firebird Radiator Support - Standard Replacement CM2101
Model: 2030647
Condition: NEW
The radiator support is located directly behind the grill area where the radiator mounts. Each support is ready to install and includes pre-drilled holes for easy installation in any 6 cylinder or 8 cylinder Camaro, including small block…
OER 1973-81 Camaro with 4 Speed Manual Transmission Center Console 469930
Model: 2035164
Condition: NEW
Replace your console with this new 1973-81 Console from OER®. Replacing your console can be just the thing to return your interior to showroom condition. All original console components can be removed from the existing console and…
OER 1967-68 Camaro Wiper Switch Retainer Nut 3904859
Model: 2033233
Condition: NEW
This machined nut for 1967-68 Camaro models holds the wiper switch in position and retains the dash bezels as well. …
$14.99 ea $12.02
OER 1967-68 Camaro, 1967 Firebird Ash Tray Bracket and Housing 3891674
Model: 2030867
Condition: NEW
Reproduction of the 1967-68 instrument panel ash tray mounting bracket. This unit mounts into the dash board using 3 mounting screws (not included) and will allow correct installation of the dash ash tray. Offi cially Licensed GM…
OER Door Lock Rod Retaining Clip K4013
Model: 3446486
Condition: NEW
Reproduction of the clip that retains the two inner door lock rods. This nylon clip joins the horizontal rod from the door latch with the verticle rod that the door lock knob screws on to. Sold individually. One required per door. Fits…
OER 1970-73 Camaro RS Split Front Bumper Chrome 153184A
Model: 2037515
Condition: NEW
Authentic replacement Rally Sport split front bumper designed and manufactured to duplicate the original in virtually every detail. Will fit and install exactly like the OEM bumper using the existing bumper brackets or new reproduction…
OER 1970-81 GM Lower Door Window Stop Bumper 9810036
Model: 3445718
Condition: NEW
Correct reproduction rubber stop bumpers keep the door glass from rolling down beyond the required travel point. Made from injection molded rubber and has a press fit retaining tab for easy installation. Use as stopper for down position…
OER 1967-69 Camaro / Firebird Quarter Glass Roller Assembly 7648823
Model: 3444624
Condition: NEW
Correct reproductions of the original quarter window lower guide roller assembly. Located on the bottom of the quarter window, this roller will help keep your quarter window moving evenly on the track. Sold individually. 1 required per…
OER 1977-81 Camaro Windshield Washer Jar Bracket 362527
Model: 3123775
Condition: NEW
Reproduction windshield washer jar mounting bracket for all 1977-81 Camaro models. Manufactured by OER® in stamped steel to factory specifications for an original fit and appearance. This part features a black electrophoretically…
$18.99 ea $12.62
OER IROC-Z Style Wheel Center Cap Emblem Silver 14066938
Model: 2041119
Condition: NEW
Reproduction of the center cap emblem that snaps into place in the center of the 1985-87 IROC-Z wheels. Manufactured using injection molded plastic, this black emblem has a Mylar domed center emblem with a clear polyester coating and…
OER 1968 Camaro / Firebird Lower Dash Pad Clips K1433
Model: 2032396
Condition: NEW
Reproduction steel dash pad clips for 1968 Camaro models. These clips are mounted to the lower front face of the instrument (dash) panel as the anchor point for the lower dash pad leg clips. Manufactured from stamped spring steel as…
$19.99 pr $15.51
OER 1970-87 Steering Coupler for 3/4" Shaft - 30 Spline - 3-1/4" Diameter 7818568
Model: 3444745
Condition: NEW
OER® Authorized reproduction of the original steering coupling joint for various models. This coupler (rag joint) is required to connect the steering column to the steering box. Coupler Specs: Shaft Size: 3/4" coarse spline with…
$45.99 ea $30.32
OER 1985-90 Z28 1987 IROC Hood Louver Ornaments 748557
Model: 3215847
Condition: NEW
OER® reproduction of the hood ornaments / louvers for 1985-90 Camaro Z28 and 1987 IROC models. Injection molded using highest quality polymer materials for an original appearance and fit. These special style louvers fit into the…
OER 1970-73 Camaro / Firebird Trunk Pan 1667336
Model: 2036841
Condition: NEW
Reproduction of the original center trunk pan for use with 1970-73 models. Replace your old rusted out trunk pan with this high quality reproduction. Each trunk pan is reproduced to factory specifications and will replace the entire…
OER 1967 Camaro / Firebird Deluxe Door Panel Cups K120
Model: 2028951
Condition: NEW
Reproduction of the original inserts. These OER® reproductions are a great replacement for your cracked or missing originals. Each cup is injection molded and fits perfectly. For use where the door handle portrudes from the front panel…
$60.99 pr $50.70
OER 1975-1981 Camaro, Firebird, Front Floor Pan, with Toe Board, RH 153243
Model: 3963168
Condition: NEW
1975-1981 Camaro, Firebird; Front Floor Pan; with Toe Board; RH Reproduction of the original syle front floor pan with toe board for use with 1975-1981 Camaro and Firebird models. Manufactured in stamped steel to original factory…
OER 1968-69 Camaro / Firebird Black Bedford Ribbed Grain Inner Sail Panels EM68101
Model: 3447402
Condition: NEW
Reproduction of the inner rear sail panels for use in conjunction with the headliner on the inner rear side section between the side quarter window and the rear back window. These die-stamped panels include the cardboard portion with the…
OER 1970-88 GM - Outer Door Handle Gasket, LH/RH (2 Req'd) 9827572
Model: 3445121
Condition: NEW
Replacement of the original door handle gasket for 1970-88 models that inserts on the back of the door handle and acts as protection between the handle and the paint. Sold individually. Fits left or right hand side. 2 required. Buick…
OER 1970-81 Camaro Outer Door Reveal Molding, LH 9828344
Model: 2035382
Condition: NEW
Reproduction reveal molding for 1970-81 Camaro models. Manufactured to factory specifications featuring original style finish and correct contours to fit the door. Officially Licensed GM Restoration Part® …
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