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Surf City Garage is the only car care products company in the world that restores and maintains its own collection of over 125 vintage muscle cars. To take care of them, we handcrafted a complete line of Enthusiast Grade™ car care products.

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Nano Seal™ Protective Coat, Surf City Garage
Model: 3118407
Unsealed pores in your paint, whether you can see them or not, cause major damage. They let Mother Nature walk right in and shorten the life of your paint. They also absorb light, which steals the shine from your car’s surface. Nano Seal…
Surf City Garage Big Block® Interior Protectant, 24 Ounce
Model: 3118386
Condition: NEW
Your car’s interior deserves just as much protection as its paint and wheels. Harmful UV rays, the sun’s heat and even intense cold can ruin your interior, making it dry out, fade and crack. Big Block Interior Protectant puts a stop…
$15.99 ea $12.08
Pacific Blue® Wash & Wax, Surf City Garage
Model: 3118383
Did you know the most common way to scratch your car is by washing it? In fact, most paint damage can be traced back to the use of economy car washes. Well … Pacific Blue is the cure for the common scratch. Pacific Blue Wash & Wax is…
Surf City Garage Beyond Clay® Paint Polish
Model: 3118399
Smoothing, correcting, and polishing your paint doesn’t have to be a multi-step process, at least it isn’t when you use Beyond Clay. Doing more than any one product could do alone, Beyond Clay restores faded paint to a factory gloss…
Nano Detail Applicators, Surf City Garage, 2 Pack
Model: 3089723
Condition: NEW
Our Nano-Detail Microfiber Applicators contain the highest quality microfiber in the world. Exclusively available through Surf City Garage, these Enthusiast Grade applicators are perfect for applying waxes, sealers and polishes and are…
$25.99 pk $17.90
Plush Microfiber Drying Towel, Surf City Garage
Model: 3118424
Condition: NEW
You’ve never experienced anything quite like the Surf City Garage Professional Plush Microfiber Drying Towel. This oversized and ultra-fluffy drying towel drinks up water and never introduces swirls or scratches. The light gray fibers…
$36.99 ea $27.51
Aluminum Polish, Surf City Garage
Model: 3118431
What you’re about to use may cause temporary blindness by your own reflection!  At Surf City Garage, we know what it’s like to deal with stubborn, tarnished aluminum. We also know that it should take little effort to get it back…
Diamond Edge Metal Dressing, Surf City Garage, 8 Ounce
Model: 3089693
Condition: NEW
You’ve worked hard to get your metal looking like new with Maximum Metal, but how do you keep it that way? Diamond Edge Metal Dressing. With three stages of cleaning, polishing and long-lasting protection going on, it puts the final…
$21.99 ea $14.14
Microfiber Light Blue Utility Towel, Surf City Garage, Each
Model: 3119658
Condition: NEW
Detailing can be a dirty business. Doorjambs, engine bays, wheels and exhaust tips can contain some of the worst grease and grime that can ruin your expensive microfiber towels. That’s why we offer the Surf City Garage Professional…
$5.99 ea $3.77
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