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Lloyd® Ultimat™ Custom Fit Floor & Cargo Mats
Model: 3093960
Condition: NEW
Ultimats material was originally designed for automotive use, with comfort, performance and durability in mind, and over 30 years later the Ultimat brand is still the top selling, custom fit logo mat in the automotive aftermarket. Ultimats…
$125.99 st
Lloyd® Classic Loop™ Custom Fit Floor & Cargo Mats
Model: 3093964
Condition: NEW
This newest product from Lloyd Mats is an economically priced custom fit mat that features a unique process whereby the color is added to the liquid polypropylene before the material solidifies and is woven into yarn. This creates a carpet…
$97.99 st
Lloyd® Luxe™ Custom Fit Floor & Cargo Mats
Model: 3093961
Condition: NEW
Our top-of-the-line Luxe mats were created for automotive enthusiasts who appreciate luxury. Our LUXE carpet is the the thickest, heaviest, deepest pile we can manufacture, with specially Scotchgard treated yarn for soil and stain…
$194.99 st
Lloyd® Northridge™ Custom Fit Floor & Cargo Mats
Model: 3315965
Condition: NEW
NorthRIDGE custom fit automobile floor mats are designed to keep every floor and cargo surface clean, in every possible climate and weather condition. These distinctive custom fit all season floor mats are available for every car, truck…
$83.99 st
Lloyd® Protector™ Custom Fit Floor & Cargo Mats
Model: 3093966
Condition: NEW
Designed for those who want to maintain the color and look of their factory carpet, while protecting it from stains, spills and soil, Lloyd’s Protector Mats are a heavy-duty clear vinyl material perfect for the job. Protector Mats are…
$62.99 st
OER Windshield and Back Glass Ribbon Sealer K4122
Model: 3446507
Condition: NEW
OER® Authorized reproduction ribbon seal for installing front windshield or back glass of vehicles that are not originally equipped with a molded window gasket. This installation sealer offers the unique feature of controlled…
$23.99 ea
OER Black and Aqua Trunk Spatter Paint 11 Oz. Net Weight K51499
Model: 2034857
Condition: NEW
Correct spatter paint to completely cover the entire trunk area. After years of use your trunk area is probably in poor condition due to water damage or other factors. If you are replacing your trunk pan then spraying the trunk is a…
$23.99 ea
OER Upholstery Installation Kit with Heavy Duty Pliers and Hog Rings *K10010
Model: 1004374
Condition: NEW
This quality upholstery installation kit includes 60 hog rings and professional style heavy duty pliers. Total of 60 hog rings come in each kit to be applied as needed, more hog rings are available for purchase separately but 60 hog…
$40.99 kt
OER Headliner and Upholstery Install Tool A7672
Model: 3445214
Condition: NEW
This tool is great for tucking headliner or upholstery material into tedious channels without damaging the material. Headliner installation is almost never easy, but having the right tools can make it much easier. This tool helps you to…
$14.99 ea
OER Universal 36" X 1-3/4" Fuel Tank Anti-Squeak Insulator Set UK915
Model: 3448567
Condition: NEW
This universal anti-squeak insulator set includes two rubber strips that insert in between the gas tank and the mounting straps to eliminate any noise from tank movement and vibration which may occur. One foam rubber pad installs in…
$22.99 st
OER 1962-02 GM & Mopar - Saginaw Power Steering Pump Stud And Bolt Kit - Painted Bolts 1253573
Model: 3311417
Condition: NEW
This is the stud and bolt kit for Saginaw power steering pumps. Includes (2) studs (3/8"-16 thread), (1) bolt 3/8"-16 thread). Fits most Saginaw pumps through 1977 including Saginaw P series. This set is unplated for use with painted…
$18.99 st
OER 1947-79 M10 Black Color Coat Spray 12 Oz. Aerosol Can PP801
Model: 3097498
Condition: NEW
OER's® revolutionary formula provides 40% more coverage than standard dyes and lacquers, and actually penetrates and molecularly bonds to the surface to permanently seal in the color. Dries to the touch in 45 seconds, forms a complete…
$23.99 ea
Covercraft Wolf Ready-Fit Car Cover, Multibond Gray C40005WC
Model: 3687238
Condition: NEW
Ready-Fit covers could actually be called "semi-custom" since they are designed to provide a very good fit using incremental sizing and a hatchback silhouette. …
$131.99 ea
OER Trunk Spatter Paint Clear Topcoat 16 Oz. Can K51497
Model: 2034298
Condition: NEW
After years of use your trunk area is probably in poor condition due to water damage or other factors. If you are replacing your trunk pan then spraying the trunk is a must, even if you're installing a trunk mat. This is the clear…
$19.99 ea
OER Interior Prep Cleaner 4 Oz Bottle PP1009
Model: 3448141
Condition: NEW
Before spraying, be sure to properly prepare the surface for topcoat. We offer a variety of surface preparation products to ready reproduction dash pads, headrests, door panels, padded pillar moldings, plastic parts, metal components and…
$11.99 ea
OER Argent Silver "Factory Wheel Coating" Wheel Paint 16 Oz Aerosol Can K89320
Model: 3446918
Condition: NEW
Make your wheels look like they just rolled out of the factory with this spray wheel coating. This eliminates the need for expensive custom paint mixing and greatly simplifies the restoration process by providing spray-gun results…
$23.99 ea
OER 5-1/8" .060" Thick Air Cleaner to Carb Gasket 1256633
Model: 3442367
Condition: NEW
Die-cut reproduction air cleaner to carburator gasket manufactured for use with any Holley 4 bbl. carburator or Rochester quadrajet 4 bbl. carburetor with a 5-1/8" base. Can be used with any small or big block engine. …
$7.99 ea
OER 1965-02 Door Lock Striker Washer 3.50MM Thick 11500367
Model: 3088111
Condition: NEW
This is a correct reproduction of the original threaded striker washer for use on 1965-02 models. The door lock striker washer is installed on the door jamb for either the right or left hand door.3.50mm thick. 2 required per car…
$7.99 ea
OER Flip Over Hood Pin Set T4095
Model: 3448401
Condition: NEW
Hood pins are necessary for the attachment of fiberglass or lift off hoods and may be installed for extra security on factory hoods. Each set uses the two piece flip over pins ideal for installations where an extra strong pin is…
$16.99 st
OER Chrome Shift Ball (3/8"-16 SAE Thread) 9793565
Model: 3445071
Condition: NEW
Highly polished triple chrome plated reproduction chrome shift knob from the 1960's. Fits models with a 3 speed or 4 speed transmission. This heavy-weight chrome knob will add style to your interior. Note: May be installed on aftermarket…
$31.99 ea
OER 1949-75 GM / Mopar Convertible Top Binding End Clip with Screw 7614749
Model: 2031873
Condition: NEW
OER reproduction of the top rear binding end clip for most all GM convertible models. These stainless steel covers finish both ends of the rear window outer top bow binding trim strip. Sold as 1 clip with 1 screw. 2 required…
$5.99 ea
OER Amplified Electronic AM/FM Universal HIDE-A-WAY Antenna SA20
Model: 3448345
Condition: NEW
If you want great reception without a visible antenna, then the OER Authorized Hide-a-Way amplified electronic antenna may be just what you need! A major breakthrough in antenna science, the OER Authorized Hide-a-Way antenna is an active…
$28.99 ea
OER Metel Mimic FX Galvanized Zinc Blast Paint 16 Oz Aerosol Can K89501
Model: 3447070
Condition: NEW
OER® Metal Mimic FX high performance coatings were developed to mimic the appearance of bare metal so that you can refinish and protect all of the components that were originally left unpainted by the factory. Items can now be coated…
$20.99 ea
OER Argent Silver / Green "Factory Wheel Coating" Rally Wheel Paint 16 Oz Can K89325
Model: 3446919
Condition: NEW
Make your wheels look like they just rolled out of the factory with this spray wheel coating. This eliminates the need for expensive custom paint mixing and greatly simplifies the restoration process by providing spray-gun results…
$23.99 ea
OER Universal 3" x 16" Stainless Steel Radiator Overflow Tank 60781
Model: 3444362
Condition: NEW
This beautiful OER® Authorized polished stainless steel radiator overflow tank will give your engine compartment a clean, custom look. Includes a twist-on cap and mounting hardware. The OER® Authorized logo represents products that…
$47.99 ea
OER Proportioning Valve Bracket LH Mount - Chrome Plated 153653B
Model: 3442527
Condition: NEW
Universal fit bracket to mount the proportioning valve on the LH side of the master cylinder towrds the driver side fender. Will fit most aftermarket 7-11" boosters with a GM style master cylinder. Mounting hardware is provided. …
$15.99 st
OER 1960-77 GM & Mopar - Saginaw Power Steering Fitting Adapter - 5/8"-18 To -6AN 1253572
Model: 3442171
Condition: NEW
This is the hose adapter fitting for Saginaw power steering gear box or pump. Straight, inverted flare zinc coated steel, 5/8"-18 to -6AN. Fits most Saginaw gear boxes or pumps 1960 through 1977 including Saginaw P series. Many of the…
$14.99 ea
OER 1962-2002 GM & Mopar - Saginaw Power Steering Pump Reservoir Installation Kit - Standard Finish 1253570
Model: 3442169
Condition: NEW
This 11 piece set includes the o-rings, gaskets, seals, hardware and washers you will need to install a reservoir on your saginaw power steering pump. This set has unfinished hardware that are designed to be used with a painted…
$26.99 st
AMD Window Ribbon Seal, 3/8" x 15' 384-1000-3
Model: 3928128
Condition: NEW
You will need this seal kit if your windshield or back glass fits directly onto the window frame and does not use a rubber seal/gasket. We offer kits in both 3/8" and 5/16" diameter with length about 15'. Each kit contains two rubbere…
$20.99 ea
OER Glove Box Insert Clip K1101
Model: 3446332
Condition: NEW
OER® reproduction of the original style stamped metal clip that attaches to the glove box liner in various classic GM passenger cars and trucks. These clips allow the liner to be aligned and attached in place with mounting screws…
$1.99 ea
OER 1951-75 GM & Mopar - Convertible Power Top Motor Mounting Grommet 3698109
Model: 3443032
Condition: NEW
Reproduction of the original rubber mounting / insulation grommet used on various GM vehicles with the optional power top. These rubber grommets install on the pump assembly and secure it to the vehicle while creating a damper for noise…
$2.99 ea
OER 1960-77 GM & Mopar with Saginaw PS Pump - Power Steering Fitting (Brass) 1253580
Model: 3442365
Condition: NEW
Many Saginaw power steering pumps with a female style fitting require an adapter in order to use the correct factory style hose. This is a brass fitting. Specifications: 3/8" (5/8"-18) male inverted x 3/8"(5/8"-18) male S.A.E. flare. …
$7.99 ea
OER Upholstery Installation Hog Ring Set *K10010A
Model: 3441529
Condition: NEW
Set of 60 hog rings comes in this set. Enough hog rings to install a complete set of upholstery for front and rear seats. Note: For a Hog ring kit with deluxe installation pliers, see part # K10010 You are assured that every OER® part…
$9.99 kt
OER Simulated Magnesium "Factory Wheel Coating" Wheel Paint 16 Oz Can K89315
Model: 3082060
Condition: NEW
Make your wheels look like they just rolled out of the factory with this spray wheel coating. This eliminates the need for expensive custom paint mixing and greatly simplifies the restoration process by providing spray-gun results…
$23.99 ea
Lloyd® Rubbertite™ Custom Fit Floor & Cargo Mats
Model: 3093965
Condition: NEW
Great capacity to hold water, snow, mud, sand and spills with hundreds of “wells” in each mat, Lloyd’s Rubbertite custom fit, all weather mats are perfect for all season use. This exceptionally durable, heavyweight composition rubber…
$83.99 st
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