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Classic Headquarters Door Lock Striker, Correct W-774
Model: 1001678
Condition: NEW
With only two doors, sports cars such as the Chevrolet Corvette prove to be a delightfully intimate driving experience. Serving a role of safely securing the driver and passenger side doors of 1968-1982 Corvettes, this pair of door latch…
Classic Headquarters Replacement Window Crank, Black Knob W-407
Model: 2031278
Condition: NEW
Superior quality reproduction of GM replacement window crank handle. Chrome diecast with correct design and color knob. The manufacturing and tooling ensure quality materials with correct length internal splines for tight engagement with…
Classic Headquarters Camaro Rallysport, 68-82 Corvette Vacuum Hose Filter W-574
Model: 1002414
Condition: NEW
Vacuum hoses have an important job in your car's engine. They help to maintain the proper pressure within the engine, which allows the fuel, the air, and the spark to work in tandem as they're supposed at just the right times…
Classic Headquarters F-Body Rubber Bumper Set - 16 Pcs W-400
Model: 2029268
Condition: NEW
Doors, hood, trunk, console and ashtray lid,and glove box rubber bumpers. 16 piece set. Made in the USA. …
Classic Headquarters GM Universal Fuel Tank Anti Squeak Kit W-862A
Model: 3116798
Condition: NEW
This universal fuel tank anti squeak kit is used to cushion the gas tank from the body and straps to reduce irritating metal to metal noise. Cushions are 38" long and include anti-pop pad for top of fuel tank. Cut to length. This…
Classic Headquarters Replacement Window Crank, Clear Knob W-408
Model: 2031279
Condition: NEW
Superior quality reproduction of GM replacement window crank handle. Chrome diecast with correct design and color knob. Our own manufacturing and tooling ensures quality materials with correct length internal splines for tight engagement…
Classic Headquarters GM Mark (Blue) Foil Decal-Each W-857
Model: 2031730
Condition: NEW
The GM Blue colored embossed metal foil door jamb emblem is a stable to the representation of your vehicle. The GM Blue colored embossed metal foil door jamb emblem is an accurate reproduction for 68-70. With its Self-adhesive back…
Classic Headquarters Camaro Windshield Washers, Pair W-199
Model: 2029440
Condition: NEW
Servicing your windshield Washers is important as operating your vehicle with a damaged or non-functioning windshield washer system could prove catastrophic for you and other motorists on the road. Proper functioning windshield washer…
Classic Headquarters Dome Light Base W-117
Model: 2029038
Condition: NEW
Exact reproduction dome lens reflector base. …
Classic Headquarters Seat Bumpers with Screws, Pair W-387
Model: 2028835
Condition: NEW
Important for the restoration of the interior for various popular classic General Motors products sold in the 1960s, this collection of seat bumpers with screws is a factory original replacement.  Seat bumpers with screws…
Classic Headquarters Molding Pin Studs, Set 10 H-137
Model: 2032620
Condition: NEW
A replacement for broken, rusted or missing original studs, this set of 10 molding pin studs can be used in the restoration of various vehicles. Universal fitting window and body molding retaining clip repair studs Phillips…
Classic Headquarters Hood Hinge Spring 9 3/8" W-759
Model: 2033134
Condition: NEW
With classic Chevrolet and Pontiacs between the early 1960s and early 1970s, there is definitely a compulsion by enthusiasts to open the hood. Chevrolet’s small block and big block V8 engine families as well as Pontiac’s 400 powerplant…
Classic Headquarters Camaro Header/Trunk Emblem W-361
Model: 2028749
Condition: NEW
Quality chrome diecast with bonded black inlay. Accurate stud placement, unlike others. Each. Officially Licensed GM Restoration Parts. Mounting hardware is not included.  …
Classic Headquarters Clutch or Brake Pad Stainless Trim, Each W-192
Model: 2029129
Condition: NEW
Correct manual transmission clutch or brake pedal pad stainless polished trim. GM Group #: 4.630 GM Part # 3923615. Trim will fit all applications although may not be original for the application. Nice addition to brighten up those plain…
Classic Headquarters Coupe Sun Visor Support R-720
Model: 2037574
Condition: NEW
Superior quality, than still available GM. Features correctly contoured base cast from original quality materials to exact specifications allowing correct visor retention. LH or RH, Sold each. GM Part #: 9809499, 9689897, 20057366 Mounting…
Classic Headquarters Rear Park Brake Cable Connectors-Pair-Exact W-903
Model: 2033599
Condition: NEW
Exact reproduction with correct round center hole for listed applications. Plated cad finish. Joins rear cables to center cable. GM Part # 537485…
Classic Headquarters Upper Fan Shroud Bracket with Hardware W-112
Model: 2029455
Condition: NEW
Correct epoxy painted bracket includes mounting hardware and two plated replacement style (replaces GM 3899880) lower shroud clips. (For 69 Camaro Big Block use W-142)…
Classic Headquarters Coupe Sunvisor Support Screw Set-4 Pc W-606
Model: 2032546
Condition: NEW
Most GM applications. Three chrome mount screws and one special tall, slotted head visor shaft clamp screw. Two kits required per car. Coupe only.…
Classic Headquarters Battery Cable Retaining Clip-Oil Pan W-567
Model: 2032335
Condition: NEW
Correct reproduction positive cable oil pan clip (requires two). Rubber coated spring steel with correct bolt hole size and oil pan clearance bends as original. …
Classic Headquarters Clutch Rod Firewall Boot W-239
Model: 2029142
Condition: NEW
High quality correct reproduction. Molded rubber boot with enbedded metal mounting flange. …
Classic Headquarters License Plate Light Lens W-338
Model: 1006146
Condition: NEW
Crystal clear acylic. Correct embossed text. Officially Licensed GM Restoration Parts. …
Classic Headquarters Wiper Knob with Screw W-214
Model: 2029005
Condition: NEW
Superior chrome die-cast reproduction with quality steel set screw. GM Group #: 10.167 GM Part #: 3906147 …
Classic Headquarters F-Body Lower Body Spear with Mounting Clip W-765
Model: 2028853
Condition: NEW
Show Quality reproduction replaces discontinued high quality GM part exactly. Original material with OE thickness and high polish finish. Correctly smoothed and contoured ends. Includes galvanized stamped steel mounting strip and all…
Classic Headquarters Front Spoiler, (OE Style) W-366
Model: 2028907
Condition: NEW
Superior reproduction of optional GM front spoiler. Original high quality material is flexible, not brittle, and of OEM thickness and finish. Unlike some others, our spoilers are not too glossy, too thin, or arrive scratched! …
Classic Headquarters F-Body Rear Headliner Mount Strip Clip Set, 12 Pcs R-730
Model: 3138217
Condition: NEW
Exact reproduction special steel clip retains rear headliner mounting strips.Coated black. GM Part #: N.S.…
Classic Headquarters Pedal Shaft Retaining Clip Only, A/T or M/T W-597A
Model: 1007633
Condition: NEW
Retaining clip for clutch pedal on manual transmision cars and 5/8" pin on automatic transmision cars. One required per car. Clip is included on cluch and brake pedal assembly (W-597, W-598 & W-839). Group 0.837 & 4.634 GM Part #…
Classic Headquarters Door Hinge Long Pin-Bushing Repair Kit W-314A
Model: 4019153
Condition: NEW
The hinge pin is positioned vertically in the center of a hinge, allowing it to swing open and shut. A hinge pin is a piece of cylindrical metal that holds together the two arms of your door hinge in such a manner that the arms can freely…
Classic Headquarters F-Body Replacement Door Jamb Vent W-614
Model: 2029010
Condition: NEW
Accurate injection molded reproduction front grille cover only. Two required per car. Each. Officially Licensed GM Restoration Parts. Group 12.942A GM Part #: 7738668…
Classic Headquarters Door Hinge Pin-Bushing Repair Kit W-314
Model: 3218138
Condition: NEW
Rebuilds all four door hinges (steel hinges only) . Includes all bronze bushings and hardened high grade steel hinge pins. 14 pieces.…
Classic Headquarters Camaro Front Standard License Plate Bracket W-815
Model: 2036971
Condition: NEW
Accurate, die stamped reproduction for standard front end. Black EDP coated. …
Classic Headquarters Automatic Brake Pad, with Disc Brakes Emblem W-163
Model: 2029127
Condition: NEW
Nice reproduction with "Disc Brakes" embossed correctly on stainless center disc insert. Shipped with protective film cover (not shown) over center insert. High quality rubber compound unlike others offered elsewhere. GM Group # 4.630 GM…
Classic Headquarters Without A/C Heater Box Blower Resistor, Correct R-315
Model: 4018952
Condition: NEW
Technically and accurate reproduction of original. Features correct internal resistance coils for proper blower motor operation unlike generic others. For cars without air conditioning. GM Part #: 3929052…
Classic Headquarters Sidemarker Bezel W-795
Model: 2032382
Condition: NEW
Show quality reproduction. Exact fit. Heavy chrome. Requires four per car. Front or Rear.…
Classic Headquarters Door Jamb Vent Retaining Screws, Pair H-130
Model: 2030835
Condition: NEW
Correct door jamb vent mounting screws.…
Classic Headquarters Camaro Hood Louver Assembly, Pair W-485
Model: 2030022
Condition: NEW
Four port style heavy chrome diecast with bonded black inlays. Used on 68-69 SS-350 or 396. Plated mesh screen and die stamped black backing plate included. mesh screens and backing plates. Specific RH and LH sides with drains as original…
Classic Headquarters Window and Door Handle Removal Tool W-312
Model: 4019151
Condition: NEW
Designed to work for in the restoration of a wide range of classic General Motors vehicles, this handy stamped steel tool removes interior door handle and manual window cranks with ease. Effective for use universally on General…
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